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5 Ways to Change Impressions to Conversions

[fa icon="calendar"] 09-Feb-2017 14:00:00 / by Ben Beard

Ben Beard

Many businesses are more concerned with impressions and clicks for their online ads, and look at these metrics to measure success. The reason for this is fairly straightforward – getting more traffic to your website and increasing exposure should get you more business, right?

This is not necessarily the case. There are reasons why it pays to get more conversions, and to look at conversions as a metric to define the success of an online ad campaign.

How to Improve Impressions

You may be getting plenty of impressions on one keyword, and hardly any on another. The number of impressions you get from your ads depends on search volume, the trending or seasonal popularity of a word or phrase, the network the ads are running on, the size of your budget, and whether your keyword phrase is exact matched or broad.

You will get a better result when your keyword is high quality and related directly to the landing page. You will also get better results when you have a higher budget for ads, and when you have a high quality ad and good copy. It also helps to look at whether the keyword is competitive or not, as this affects your chances.

How to Get Conversions from Impressions

Since clicks cost money, you need to explore ways of improving the quality of your clicks and raising the conversions from your campaigns, thus removing costly clicks that do not offer conversions.

1.) Define a conversion rate for your company and look at how you can meet this rate on a regular basis;

2.) Put good script on the page that will measure conversion rate from specific ads, which will help you see how well different ads are doing in terms of impressions and conversions;

3.) Test and retest ads based on different ad structures and copy, plus different landing pages, analysing the conversion rate for the separate ads;

4.) Analyse the cost per ad of different keywords in terms of conversions, not clicks or impressions. This will give you a better indication of where you are meeting targets and where you need to adjust your output.

5.) Get outside help from a specialist digital marketing firm to find out where you can improve your ads to get the optimum level of conversions for your budget. A specialist firm can suggest how you set up and maintain a high quality campaign that brings you actual return on your investment.

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Ben Beard

Written by Ben Beard

Digital Marketing Assistant