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With Google Changing so often: Is SEO Even Worth It anymore?

[fa icon="calendar"] 23-Dec-2016 11:00:00 / by Remi Ashton

Remi Ashton

SEO – search engine optimisation – is the practice of moving a website higher up the rankings in the search engines like Google. SEO works by looking at what makes a page rank highly, and improving sites so they meet these specifications. Google largely sets the pace when it comes to “deciding” how and why pages and sites are successful. Since Google seems to always be changing the rules, is it still worth it to sign up to an SEO strategy?

How Search Engines Change, Remain the Same

Until the powers that be find a new way for people to look for things online, search engines will remain the most common way people search the internet. Therefore, as long as search engines exist, search engine optimisation will be important. The one thing you need to remember is that while the details of the search algorithms may change, the core business of the search engine – making information accessible – doesn’t.

SEO May Be Complicated, But It’s Worth the Investment

It is true that Google does move the goal posts frequently. And it is also true that SEO can be complicated, and difficult to follow. But that doesn’t mean that SEO is not worth it. The opposite, in fact. All marketing is complicated, and SEO is no exception. But it is an important part of your marketing mix.

There is no reason to drop SEO from the mix just because Google changes things. In fact, expert SEO firms actually get more efficient as the changes roll in as they are best-placed to be able to understand the changes and what to do now to make a bigger impact. So long as the SEO firm is experienced and skilled, there should be no limit to what they can achieve, no matter what Google gets up to.

SEO And Traditional Marketing: Still Relevant

Traditional marketing and digital marketing still have a part to play in your overall strategy for promoting your business, getting leads, and improving your visibility. SEO as part of a solid marketing strategy is vitally important for getting your site the visibility it deserves. Without SEO, you could quite simply become invisible online.

Even if Google shakes things up, your site will still be worth the investment. And SEO is a great way to invest in your business.

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