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White Label SEO for Resellers Explained: All You Need To Know

[fa icon="calendar"] 18-Nov-2016 11:00:00 / by Remi Ashton

Remi Ashton

Are you curious about something called White Label SEO? If you think it sounds more like a cosmetic product or a drink, don’t worry – many people are unaware of white label SEO and its benefits. Here we explain this SEO concept in more detail so you can see if it’s a good fit for your business.

What is White Label SEO?

White label SEO is also known as SEO reseller, or SEO for resellers. This is an arrangement where two different businesses join together in order to deliver and sell SEO services, sharing in the profits and combining the work.

For example, it works like this:

Company A is the business that is responsible for getting the sale in the first place and signing up someone or an organisation for SEO services. Company A is responsible for account management and will deal with the logistics of the arrangement

Company B will be responsible for the actual delivery of the SEO service. Company B will do the work on SEO according to what the business needs, and will complete the actual tasks required for SEO to be successful.

More About White Labels

You will see the process of white labels being carried out in other businesses. For example, a supermarket sells ice cream and puts their logo on the packet. They didn’t make the ice cream but they arrange with the producer to use their own logo. The ice cream maker gets money from the deal but not any marketing benefits, and this situation is advantageous to both parties.

What are the Advantages to a White Label SEO Strategy?

SEO resellers offer benefits to both parties, too. The reselling company is able to provide a service and a product that otherwise they would not have been able to give. They can offer an SEO service without having to invest in SEO expertise and do the work themselves. Customers do not need to be aware that the service is being completed by someone else. The company delivering the SEO also benefits as they get money from the deal and can profit from what they do best – delivering SEO.

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