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Where are my Leads? 5 Ways to Improve the Conversion Rate on Your Site

[fa icon="calendar"] 05-Dec-2016 09:00:00 / by Ben Beard

Ben Beard

Getting traffic to your website is great, but it’s a mistake to think that traffic means an automatic win. If you can’t convert traffic, you don’t get leads. If your conversion rate is high, you can get lower traffic and still get more leads. It’s as simple as that. Here are some ideas for boosting the conversion rate on your site.

  1. Keep Your Form Simple and Effective

When you are asking for information in an email opt-in form, do not be tempted to add on a few more boxes so you can find out more about your leads. Studies show that the more fields there are, the less likely people are to fill out the form in the first place. And do not distract people from filling out your form with a cluttered page or too much information.

  1. Refine Your Call to Action

Your call to action should be the most important piece of information on your landing page. First of all, check that you actually have a clear call to action. Next, make it more effective by using action verbs that compel people to make a move. You can also test different variations on where you place the “buy now” button on your pages.

  1. Provide Proof

Testimonials are a good way to help reduce risk for the potential consumer and provide proof of the legitimacy of the service or goods. Clearly state the benefits of your product - not just the features – so that people can see how it will help solve their problem. It can also help if you provide video features such as product demonstrations, as this shows there are real people behind the brand.

  1. Keep it Clear and Simple

Avoid going overboard on your copy. Overblown descriptions and hyped-up claims will turn many people off. Focus on getting your copy clear, compelling, and wholly relevant to what you are selling or saying.

  1. Test Out Colour Combinations

Different colours work in different ways on your landing pages. Be sure to test combinations and different options. You may discover you were causing problems for some people through an unreadable font on a coloured background, or causing people to turn away from a too-bold colour combination.


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Ben Beard

Written by Ben Beard

Digital Marketing Assistant