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How Can Blogger Outreach & Link Building Help You?

[fa icon="calendar"] 22-Dec-2016 14:00:00 / by Remi Ashton

Remi Ashton

Link building or link outreach is tough – but it can work wonders for your business. Link building is the process of getting links on other websites that point back to your site. And the links must be high quality. If you have plenty of these high quality links, search engines are more likely to rank your page highly.

Link outreach can be time consuming but it is certainly worth the effort. Here’s why link building can help your company succeed.

Link Outreach Builds Domain and Page Authority

When Google is deciding how highly to rank a site, the quality and quantity of inbound links makes a huge difference. The more you work on building your link profile, the higher your domain and page authority, which should translate to a higher ranking – and more sales, and more visitors.

Link Outreach Brings More Enquiries

Even when not considering SEO, links on other websites are useful because people see them and they use them to click on your site as they find out more about you. If they want to learn more about a topic, or learn more about your products, they can click the link.

Link Outreach Brings Better Brand Visibility

Every time you contact a blog or a website for a guest posting opportunity you are generating more visibility for your brand and your site. You are getting free advertising to people who may not have heard of you before. Better visibility is always better for your business.

Build Brand Authority

When you are posting on blogs you get the chance to build your presence as a brand authority in your field. If you publish strong content you build your brand by emphasising how much you know about your subject or your niche.

It Goes Both Ways

And when you reach out on the guest posting circuit you also gain the benefits of learning about what other people are writing, and how they are operating. You get to read and react to the key trends in the industry, and you find out things that could help your company thrive. Plus, you start to build better connections and these may help you in the future as you launch new products, or move into new markets.

Link building is also more convenient – and quicker – when you use an outreach partner. It can be time consuming to get all these benefit; a trusted partner makes it simpler.


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