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GAME ON! – Ocere named a top performing Google Game On agency in 2016.

[fa icon="calendar"] 07-Mar-2017 15:14:28 / by Remi Ashton

Remi Ashton

It was announced recently that Ocere was one of the top performing Google Game On agencies in


As a special reward, Ocere and other high performing agencies are invited to the Game On

celebration in March - an awards night and gala celebration packed with inspirational speakers and


We’re really pleased about what this means for our agency, and how it demonstrates our success in

exceeding clients’ expectations, growing spend and performing at the highest level. Here’s some more

about the Google Game On program, and how Ocere has made an impact:

What’s Game On All About?

Game On is a reward program run by Google that aims to reward and motivate agencies that have

achieved a Google Partner ranking. The Google Partner badge is for agencies that innovate, win new

business, and aim higher for clients. Google wants to share tools and tips with agencies including

Ocere – who are a Google Partner – in order for these agencies to move onto the next level in


The Game On program is designed to help agencies like Ocere keep improving their game, and keep

developing their services for clients. Game On provides quarterly challenges to reward teams for

winning new business.

What Does Game On Mean For You?

The Game On program is designed to encourage and help agencies aim higher – to win new

business, drive business growth, and increase overall business performance. This leads to big

advantages for clients of these Google Partner agencies.

Game On activities and reward programs help improve product knowledge and strategic knowledge,

help improve the reputation of the agency, and help teams work together more effectively. This all

leads to an improved client offering – better products, better communication, improved delivery,

and a more streamlined service.

In the digital age where many agencies compete for clients’ attention, the small things make a big

difference. The Google Partner badge means an agency is up to date with the most recent product

knowledge, as well as demonstrates interest and business intent. With this up-to- date product

knowledge Ocere is in the best place to implement and optimise your video ad campaigns, display

advertising, AdWords campaigns, and much more.

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